Saturday, August 10, 2019

A busy summer so far

Another long time between posts, but in my defense it has been a bit busy around here.

We have continued to build our summer RV site to the point where my credit card finally waved the white flag! So I think we're done for this year. Amazing how those seemingly small purchases add up to a big monthly bill.

We finished off the shed and now have it pretty much filled with ......stuff. I thought we had downsized a couple of years ago but apparently we still have a lot of stuff we just can't live without. We still have our cargo trailer about half full too :-(.

We decided we should build a deck instead of sitting on the gravel. We hadn't planned on building this until next year but now we're glad we did. Much more comfortable and with the wind screen we built the barbecuing is easier too.


......and joists in place.

Decking nearly done.
Good help is hard to find......

........but he works cheap! We're working on the wind screen

Wind screen done. The slats are adjustable. Barbecue nicely tucked in the corner.
Slats fully open if we need any breeze to come through.
Completed deck. Eves trough on the shed. Deck is 16 x 22.

Hard to see but there are stairs built up to the trailer.

We spent the first half of July at the Resort then headed to Winnipeg, Manitoba for a family visit. We took our 7 and 9 year old grandsons with us. We did this trip two years ago with them and that additional two years made a big difference. They were much easier to entertain and look after. Actually with all the electronics they packed along they pretty much entertained themselves. We enjoyed that time with them immensely. They are asking when we can go again so I guess they enjoyed it too!

We stopped in the pretty little town of Boissevain to visit with my cousin Murray and his wife Judy. We hadn't seen them in many years.

Boissevain, Manitoba

Just down the road from the campground in Winnipeg is Tinkertown. An amusement park for kids of all ages. It's lots of fun and unlimited rides for $19/day. A good deal and the kids love it, especially after traveling in the truck for two days!

They went on every ride, most of them several times!

Just down the road was Grand Prix Racing. The boys had never done go-carts before and they loved it!

They also loved the bumper boats. Something new for them as well.

My Mom and Dad were hoping to get as many of the family together as possible so we arranged to meet at my brother's house. My three brothers and sister were there and as many of our families as possible. We had a great catered beef brisket supper (thanks Dad!) and enjoyed a great visit with everyone. Even my two sons and their families from Red Deer made a last minute 3,000 km round trip visit for the event!

We also got together with as many of Cheryl's family as we could. Always nice to visit family and we try to get back to Winnipeg every year.

Thirty four of the McMechan clan. (I was taking the picture.....if you were counting)

Back home in Central Alberta and back to the chores and other fun. The truck was due for an oil change and while it was in they tried to fix an issue with adding fuel into the tank. Especially when hot and just off the highway I couldn't get fuel into the tank. It would bubble and foam and spill on your boots. The mechanic blew out the tank vent hose which he thinks was partially obstructed. This makes sense but I likely won't be able to confirm if it's fixed until we head south this Fall.

The trailer has needed a bit of maintenance as well. The hitch has been lubed and serviced, the tanks have been flushed and cleaned, some LED lights have been replaced, and oh yeah, we installed a washing machine! It's an apartment sized washer that fits nicely in the front closet which was already prepped for it. We put the dryer in the shed. We won't take the washer with us when we travel south. It's too heavy and we really want the storage back, but it is very handy while we're parked here at the Resort. We'll winterize it and leave it in the shed when we go.

The pretty yellow Canola fields in full bloom at the end of July.

......and that was Our View From Here!


  1. Sounds like you are having a busy, but fun summer. I love your help with the deck, he looks like he really knows what he is doing :-) We love our shed but I think the only thing that is missing is a washer/dryer, but I don't think that will happen so I am very jealous of your setup!

  2. You have definitely been busy making Home Improvements and visiting with Family.
    Like yourselves we need the storage. That's why we use Laundromats so we can have several loads going at once.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Lifestyle.

    It's about time.

  3. Looks nice with you home base getting all set up and out for some family fun times.

  4. Great work on the deck and we just stole your idea for the rv stairs and the movable slats. No copyright infringement right lol?? So great to take the grandkids on a big family trip, good for you. Your place is really coming together nicely!!

  5. Love your deck and the adjustable slats, how clever. I am sure Cheryl will love having her own laundry setup even though you are not taking it south. We are looking forward to heading south this year... so much so that we are booked on the ferry to Port Angeles September 22nd lol.

  6. Looks like a great excuse to me for not posting! Wow, you've got a lot done. The deck is wonderful and the wind screen for the bbq will be appreciated.
    I like the idea of the washer, not for us, the space is too valuable but a great idea. :)
    Family time is important and I'm sure your Mom and Dad were thrilled. I love the photo.

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