Friday, March 23, 2018

More cars, Telephone Cove, and the desert begins to bloom!

March 21 (Wednesday)
As a result of our new Players Card at the Riverside Casino we got a half off buffet. So for $4.99/person we really couldn't pass that up.....could we? Nope! So we headed over to the Riverside. Still too early to eat, we went to see some more cars that we missed on Monday. There is another display set up on the first floor. Not as large as the third floor display but certainly worth a visit.

Electric cars aren't new. This cute little number is from 1995.

Cool! A Delorean!


The dinner bell was ringing so off to the buffet we went. No pictures but the meal was pretty good and the view was great. Right on the river. On the way back to the truck we saw a couple of tour buses. Mickey Gilley and Johnny Lee are in town for some concerts this week. Nice way to travel. I'm guessing they are pretty nice inside but we didn't have the nerve to ask for a tour!

After lunch we really needed to get some exercise so we parked by the river and took a walk. What a surprise, the cactus and other plants are starting to bloom.

Standing on the Nevada side looking to the Arizona side of the Colorado River.

Nice walking trail.

Tiny flower

Yep, pretty tiny.

Prickly Pear Cactus in bloom.

Another tiny flower.

Mesquite tree flowering.

Next was a short ride up hwy 163 a few miles then down the gravel road toward Telephone Cove camping area. The road isn't too rough for the most part, just a few tight sections and hills but doable by most rigs.

The beach camping is very popular and folks come and go on a daily basis. The limit is seven days of free camping.

Lake Mohave

Nice rock croppings

Great beach camping.

There were a couple rigs with Manitoba plates and sure enough it was Lorne and Sue from A Place Called Away. We had followed their blog for a couple years now but had never met. They were camped with their friends Harold and Pat. We didn't have a long chat but we'll cross paths again either around Vegas or back home in Alberta in April. So nice to meet more bloggers and friends!

Back to Bullhead City for some quiet time. A very light supper as we were still full from lunch. I'm done with buffets!
.........and that was Our View From Here!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Chloride tour

March 20 (Tuesday)
The town of Chloride is roughly 45 miles east and a bit north of Bullhead City on highway 93 toward Vegas. It's an old silver mining town that first got a post office in 1873, although mining started in the area in 1860. The town got it's name from the Silver Chloride mineral found in the hills. It is considered the oldest silver mining camp in Arizona. Although not a ghost town its population is only about 300 or so residents today. At one time prior to 1930 there were 75 mines in the area and about 3500 people called the town home.

We headed over today to have a look around. Many of these small towns are pretty much shut down on Monday and Tuesday. Their big tourist days are on the weekends. This being Tuesday many of the shops were closed, but it also meant there weren't too many people wandering around.

Interesting fenceline

Well weathered wheels.

Cyanide Village. They use this area for the gunfights held every Saturday.

A lot of hard miles on this horseshoe.

The 'village' is just a row of facades. Still, pretty cool.

Yesterday's was closed today as it was yesterday but it would be open tomorrow. Got it?

This is also the tourist info place. A friendly lady gave us a map of the town and directions to the rock murals.

Many homes had interesting yard art. This is a balance beam. See the two large stones at either end? No real purpose to this, just kinda neat use of old steel, a couple of rocks and ingenuity.

Heated and air conditioned. What luxury!

The bar was closed.

Old bank vault building. Now a residence.

A bottle fence.

Another feature of the area is a number of rock murals just up in the hills outside of town. These were originally painted by artist Roy Purcell back in the 1960's, and then redone by Purcell and his grandson in 2006.

The 1.3 mile dirt road is a bit rough in spots.

On our return to highway 93 we come to the junction. This is called Grasshopper Junction. It has seen better times.

A bit further along hwy 93 is this oddity, called Santa Claus. Wanna buy a town? It's a bit of a fixer upper!

After a great day trip, we headed back to Bullhead City.
........and that was Our View From Here!