Saturday, October 19, 2019

Canyonlands National Park

Friday, October 18
We headed back south down Hwy 191 toward Moab and turned toward Canyonlands National Park a few miles before the town. Immediately you are in another world of red rock and all sorts of shapes.....spires, fins, slabs, something new around each bend in the road.....and there are a LOT of bends.

At the exit from I70 to Hwy 191 is this interesting gas stop. 

The guy is a marketing genius. What kid wouldn't want to stop here!

The place was pretty busy, but we didn't bother buying any jerky.

A short drive takes you to the main entrance gate. What a difference from Arches NP yesterday. There we waited a half hour or more to get in. Here, two cars ahead of us. A quick stop at the Visitor Center then we were of to explore the various viewpoints and short hikes.

The drive towards Canyonlands NP

Monitor and Merrimac

It does look like a ship don't you think?

So does this one.

This sandstone rock wears a beenie! 


We finally make it to the entrance to the National Park. All the pictures above were on the drive to the park.

And oh, what a view. This was at the Visitor Center. See the tiny road in the middle of the frame? It's for 4x4 vehicles. Cheryl wouldn't let me go!
Also, see the road on the left? Then look at the picture below where it heads!

Can you imagine driving that road??? Can you imagine the bulldozer operator that built that road!!!!

That is a Jeep down there. We saw this trail from many angles. It is 100 miles long and it's recommended you take two days to drive it.

The next viewpoint was a hike to Mesa Arch.

This thing seems to be hanging from the cliff wall by willpower. Huge cracks at each end.
Under the Arch.

The view from over the Arch. Wow!

The beautiful La Sal Mountains in the distance. About 35 miles away.

To think all this erosion was caused by water and to a lesser degree, wind.

That trail again.

Spires of sandstone.

Red and white sandstone. The red is usually the softer of the two.

The Green River at the bottom. It joins with the Colorado a few miles downstream from here, then feeds into Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon Dam.

I like his words....."the scale of the canyon shrinks the River into insignificance". I agree!

It's a tough life for trees here.

This huge rock is called the Whale.


By midday the traffic had built up and the viewpoint parking lots were full. We still managed to get to most of the spots we were interested in seeing.

These caves may eventually turn into arches. It may take a few million years though.

Traffic heading home.

A balancing rock. The red rock has eroded faster that the white stone cap.

Canyonlands NP was established in 1964 to help protect this fragile and unique landscape from mining and oil exploration. The siesmic lines are still visible where equipment had marked up the land for exploration. Today there are three main areas of the Park. Island In The Sky is the name of the section we visited as do most folks. The Needles section is just as beautiful but a bit more remote and in the south of the Park. The Maze is nearly inaccessible to vehicles and makes up the Eastern portion of the Park. You can learn more about this Park here.

Is it as spectacular as the Grand Canyon? Well, no; but it is certainly spectacular in it's own right. We really enjoyed it. Natural erosion does amazing things to rock.

Thankfully we didn't have to fight with the traffic in Moab and turned the truck north at Hwy 191. We were home in about 30 minutes.

Saturday we'll stick close to home and explore Thompson Springs area a bit more. Sunday we head south to the town of Bluff, UT.

Friday night sunset.

.....and that was Our View From Here!

Friday, October 18, 2019

Arches National Park

Thursday, October 17
We drove about a half hour south of Thompson Springs down Hwy 191 toward Moab. We turned at the entrance to Arches National Park and was greeted by two VERY long lines of traffic making their way toward the Entrance Station. (note: be sure to arrive before 0930 even on a weekday in October!) It took close to a half hour to make our way into the Park. A quick stop at the Visitor Center and decided it would be better to view the exhibits later in the day. So, off we went on the 23 miles of paved roads that takes you to viewpoints and hiking trails to some amazing natural wonders.

The lineup to get to the Entrance Station.

See the lineup of  vehicles heading to the Entrance Station on the left?

It was a perfect hiking day. Temperature around 70F (20C), light wind and light cloud cover. The only thing to contend with were the crowds. The parking areas are not large and we drove right by some trails as you just couldn't park anywhere near them. That's OK, we caught them on the way back in the afternoon.

The Gossips

Balanced Rock

Up close

The trail to the Delicate Arch overlook. I think these look like tortoise shells.

It's interesting to look closely at the makeup of the rock. Mostly sandstone.

This is Delicate Arch. The most visited of all the arches. Look at the people on the trail! We couldn't get close to the parking lot so this overlook view will have to do.

Various colors to the rocks tells the history. Inland seas, water and winds layered the sandstone.

These type of formations are called 'fins'. Eventually they may erode to create an arch.

This is Tunnel Arch. If you look closely you will see a second 'tunnel' on the left.

This is Pine Tree Arch.

This is Landscape Arch. A portion of it collapsed in 1991.

This one is Skyline Arch.

Impressive rock structure.

Turret Arch

The Windows

Double Arch. See how tiny the people look? This is a huge arch.

After our feet couldn't take any more we drove to the Visitor Center to view a short video. The gift shop was closing for the day (Awww) so we packed up and headed into Moab to buy a few groceries and wine. The traffic lineups were crazy just getting into the town limits. We found a Kroeger food store, bought our groceries and then found the State Liquor Outlet. This is Utah and liquor sales are controlled by the State, which means not quite the same value as we found in Arizona. Anyway, all stocked with wine and bourbon so time to head back to Thompson Springs. Thankfully no traffic delays getting out of town!

Downtown Moab

Sunset from our campground.

Friday we head to Canyonlands National Park. If it is half as spectacular as Arches NP was it will be well worth the trip!

........and that was Our View From Here!