Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Hopewell Rocks and covered bridges

Sunday, September 30
The long range weather forecast tells us we should take advantage of every nice day as there may not be too many more in the next couple of weeks. So today we headed about an hour East through Fundy National Park and over to Hopewell Rocks, one of the famous tourist attractions in the area.

Nice drive through the Fundy National Park

The fishing village of Alma

Tide out

Fishing boats awaiting the upcoming lobster season.

Low tide

Back road to Cape Enrage

Cape Enrage Lighthouse. This is a close as we got as they nice folks wanted to charge us $6 each to enter the grounds.

The Bay of Fundy coast line 

The trees were beginning to colour. This was September 30.

Low tide at Hopewell Rocks.

Lots of folks walking on the ocean floor.

The formations are made from conglomerate rock. It seems soft but was very hard. Experts say the formations could stand for another 100,000 years......although one formation did collapse a few years ago.

The stairs and viewing platform are in the background.

The ropes kept tourists out of areas they weren't supposed to go.

See how the rock formations are at an angle to the surface.

A silhouette of a flower pot. 

This guy was fulfilling a bucket list item, dipping a foot in the Bay of Fundy. His wife captured to moment.

The tide was about half in. Note the ocean floor where an hour before was crawling with people. The water level can rise a foot in 20 minutes. That's why they have folks supervising the beach and chase everyone off when the tide starts rising. 

Alma fishing village with the tide in. The boats are floating!

The scenic ride home.

Monday, October 1
This was an expensive, and perhaps a bit painful day!

First was a trip to the dentist. I had a loose filling and it finally fell out. I was fortunate to find a very good dentist in the town of Sussex, New Brunswick. He was able to get me in with a few days wait and this morning I went to see him. My dental insurance covered it except for $50. Dr Fleming did a good job and I was out of there in an hour with just some freezing to work off.

Next stop was Canadian Tire. I had been shopping for some new tires for a while now. When we left Red Deer I didn't really need new tires, but that was nearly 15,000 kilometers ago and they certainly wouldn't last until we get home next April. Tire prices aren't that much cheaper in the US when you add 30+% exchange rate so I thought it best to just get them done here. I decided on Michelin LTX tires. They have a good load range, which I need, and the original set of Michelin's that came on the truck gave me good service. So I ordered four new tires and had them installed today. Another $1500 spent. Ouch! The 15% sales tax hurt, but that's only 10% more than Alberta and I saved about $12 on tire tax here. Anyway, they are on and I'm feeling much better facing the long trek to Florida and the high likelihood of driving through heavy rains at some point.

Next was groceries, always expensive around here. Maritime Canada groceries seem to be a bit higher than Western Canada except for seafood of course. Diesel fuel is also a bit higher. I pay between 1.32 and 1.40 per liter. I can hardly wait to get south to the land of cheaper fuel!

When we got back to the campground, I was merrily greeted by our hostess, Willa. She says "Dave, I have your bill ready!" Great! Just one more bill to pay today. Actually this is a very inexpensive campground. The regular rate is $25/night and with my Passport America card I pay $12.50 for Sunday through Thursday. That's for full services!

New Brunswick is known for its covered bridges. There are over 40 remaining, some are actually in use. Within an hour of Sussex there are 25 and we intend to find as many as we can. So today, on the way home to the campground we found three!

Many of the covered bridges are still in use, but this one was not.

Some very good building techniques went into these bridges. These are well over 100 years old.

They put up these metal frames to ensure someone with a load too high doesn't wipe out a century-old covered bridge!

The back roads of Sussex area. So pretty.

Our fifth wheel is about 4.1 meters!

This is Oldfield Bridge, about a mile or so from our campground. It was featured on the Canadian 25 cent piece about 25 years ago.

.......and that was Our View From Here