Friday, July 19, 2019

It's not all work

We've been working on the RV lot a LOT and some days you really need to take a break.

Kids love to fish so we picked up a couple of the Grands and headed to an open house at a local trout pond. Nobody caught any fish, but the hot dogs were good!

Nobody was catching any fish.....but it wasn't from lack of trying! There were several hundred hooks in the water at any given moment.

Of course you actually need to have your hook in the water!

Len Thompson Industries has been making fishing lures for 75 years. They are based in the small Alberta town of Lacombe. They have erected what Guinness says is the worlds largest fishing lure. It is located next to the trout pond we were at.

Hey, I hooked a couple of small ones!

I joined my Grandson on his Grade 1 field trip near the end of June. We visited a Strawberry Farm and market garden that also had some cute farm animals and a playground. A nice way for the kids to experience a few agriculture items and have some fun.

Lots of greenhouse items. Hey, everybody is paying attention! Must be interesting.

The baby lamb was popular

This lady bottle feeds the lamb. His mother abandoned him. This is often the case when the mother has multiple babies but can't feed them all.

Kids loved him.

The lady was explaining how they planted corn for their corn maze using GPS satellites and computer programs to manage the planting. Very high-tech.

A very woolly momma sheep enjoying some freshly picked grass the kids fed her.

No farm is complete without a rooster, and a ....

........and a pirate ship. No, wait, this was in the farm playground.

Fun falling down Strawberry Mountain.

Wagon rides are fun.

The kids enjoyed climbing on this retired tractor. 

OK, everybody grab your stuff!

Time to go home.

We enjoyed a day at an antique tractor show and pull. So impressive to see some of the old tractors still working hard. Some of these old tractors are nearly 100 years old for heavens sake!

Some big......

.....some small.

Some of these old campaigners were all heart. Not pretty to look at, but just as willing to pull as ever!

Pride of ownership was very apparent. These owners loved to show off their tractors.

These old John Deere 'D' models were popular and boy could they pull! 

This old German tractor was impressive. It has a 640 cubic inch ONE Cylinder engine. Crazy!
See the driver leaning back over the seat trying to get just a little more traction? It was pretty close competition and a few inches more down the track made a difference.

Those rear tires take a lot of abuse. Some only run a couple of pounds of air, trying to maximize traction.

Some tractors were too 'new' to compete so they just pulled for fun. To be considered antique the tractor must be older than 1960. This beautifully restored Allis-Chalmers was a 1962 I believe. This fella has spent tens of thousands of dollars restoring it. (and I thought collector cars were expensive!)

Lots of variety.

Some unrestored

Some were actually scale models of larger tractors, like this Rumley.

Some were beautifully restored..... this Minneapolis.

Of course John Deere was popular.

I raked a lot of hay back in the day on a tractor just like this.

Lots of fun to see these old tractors and actually see them work pulling a sledge down a track. No 'trailer queens' here!

We enjoyed a nice evening out at our son's in-laws place for Canada Day. A rare nice evening with fireworks to help celebrate July 1. I should have used a tripod and a bit longer exposure, but it's hard to get a re-do! :-)

Enough play. Time to get back to work on the RV lot!

We've had a LOT of rain in the past month so a few rainbows showed up.

......and that was Our View From Here!


  1. Nice to hear from you! We were wondering what you've been up to and glad you enjoyed some time with grandkids..nothing better in my opinion! Love that you went on the field trip and then to the tractor pull and show! We love those too! :) Don't be a stranger and show us what's going on with your new lot! Are you guys coming south this winter? Hugs to your lovely wife and I'll think of her at our Happy Hour LOL!

  2. Nice to spend Fun Time with the Grands no matter what you are doing.
    Be Safe and Enjoy working on your Site.

    It's about time.

  3. Sounds like some fun days interspersed with work :-)

  4. Nice ti take the time for your family and have some fun, now back to work LOL...

  5. Thank you for the update. The strawberry farm looked great for the kiddies and nice that you got to tag along. :) Love the old tractors, I'm partial to the little one. I also would want to get in there and pet that baby lamb. Not often do we see the black ones.
    Interesting lure - country's biggest?

  6. Nice to see you get away once and a while. Love tractor pulls and seeing all those old tractors!