Monday, March 4, 2019

Rio Grande Valley is certainly grand

We spent the month of February in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. This was a new area for us and we mostly enjoyed our time here. Now if you are in Canada or anywhere outside of Florida or south Texas you won't be appreciate my comment, but honestly it's too hot and humid down here for me! Once the temp gets above 80 (30C) with humidity 90% and higher, that is just too uncomfortable.

Other than whining about the heat (and no sympathy from anyone north of us!) we enjoyed the RGV. We went to lots of natural areas and spotted lots of birds, butterflies, flowers, and even a few reptiles. We visited the beach on South Padre Island a couple of times, toured the countryside and small communities, and enjoyed some of the culture of the area.

Iwo Jima memorial in Harlingen

Hope you can read this. The soldier that helped rise the flag at Iwo Jima was from Weslaco, TX.

That is Harlon Block on the left. He is buried here beside the memorial.

Downtown Harlingen has lots of murals.

The Rio Grande Valley grows a lot of vegetables. This field has just been harvested.

Sugar Cane

This land has been settled for hundreds of years.

Prepping the next crop.

New crop coming along well.

Our Lady of Visitation Catholic Church built in 1882

An old commercial building on Hwy 281 that roughly follows the Rio Grande River. This is a major agricultural area.

New crop just being planted.

One of the Border Patrol observation platforms.

The Border Patrol often catch illegal entrants. There were six in this group that they caught.

We visited Brownsville Charro Days. Held annually they focus on Mexican culture.

Lots of colorful costumes of the dancers. Most were school kids.

These kids were in the costume contest. How do you pick the winner? Is it 1,2,3 or 2,1,3 or 3,1,2? Too cute!

Another school group doing their dance.

Very colorful and well choreographed.

This kid was in junior high and sang incredibly well. In Spanish of course.

Adult dancers performed as well.

We drove south of Weslaco to Progresso one day. You park your vehicle on the US side of the Rio Grande River.

Walk across the bridge into Mexico

Nuevo Progresso, Mexico

Lots of shops and stores. One big flea market.

Lots to buy. Tough to haul it back across the pedestrian bridge on your back though!

Lots of restaurants. We stopped for lunch. It was OK, but we had better and cheaper in Harlingen.

We saw lots of beautiful flowers on our walks.

Lots of Bougainvillea in a variety of colors.

A pretty Monarch butterfly

White-striped Long Tail

So the sun sets on our month long stay in the Rio Grande Valley. We're not done with Texas though, we head north to San Antonio March 1.

.....and that was Our View From Here!


  1. So interesting to see all the different crops they plant down there and the fact that they can grow year round!

  2. We found the RG valley to humid and usually too windy as well.
    Now to enjoy San Antonio, The riverwalk and the Alamo

  3. Love the colorful dresses of the dancers! Sounds like you had a great month excepting the heat and humidity!

  4. The ladies dresses sure had beautiful colours. I don't like hot and humid either. lol

  5. Amazing colour in those dresses, very eye catching.
    I agree, way out of my comfort zone, too hot, too humid.
    Thanks for taking me along on your tour. I appreciate it.
    I'm looking forward to your visit to the Alamo. Safe travels.

  6. Great post and good to know about the heat and humidity. Like I said before this is our plan next year so we're following closely. Maybe we'll plan for further inland to lower the humidity. Great pics of all the dancers!


  7. Great pics! You guys will enjoy San Antonio,lots to see and do!