Saturday, February 9, 2019

The Creole Nature Trail

Friday, Saturday January 25, 26
We headed down the Creole Nature Trail. This series of roads takes you past some great birding sites and interesting locations. The Creole trail starts in Sulphur and heads directly south about 40 miles to the Gulf. You can then branch out West along the Gulf coast toward the Texas or head east along the Gulf to some small towns in Louisiana and back up to Sulphur. We went West first, then backtracked to the East. Whichever route you take will give you awesome views of water channels, bayous, fields, beaches, and birds everywhere. It's a great drive.

Barges use the shipping channels to move goods deep into the heart of Louisiana.

Cranes! Not the bird version. Petro-chemical plants are numerous in this area. They are building new ones and expanding others. Lots of construction in the area.

Much of the water level here is controlled.

River Otter

A popular spot, nice view and above any flood that might occur. But what is it? No idea.

We turned right toward Texas.

The Gulf of Mexico.

Some nice homes along the way.

Lots of oil and gas operations out this way.

The Sabine Channel. Just of the bridge is......Texas!

The TomTom mapping car made a visit. I was sure to smile!

Oil rigs in the channel

Great roads. Hard to see over the tall grasses though.

We saw dozens of Egrets.

The Gulf of Mexico

Colorful homes along the beach. Looks like they could handle a significant storm surge.

You can't get much closer to the Gulf!

Great sand beaches

Look at all the shells!

Lots of variety.

We took the free ferry across the Calcasieu Ship Channel

We had to wait for a ship to pass.

Tons of birds in the ponds.

Bridge over the Intercoastal Waterway

The Intercoastal Waterway

Solid birds!

Water everywhere.

Back in Sulphur, the following day we stopped at the Visitor Center.

They had some great informational displays.


River Otter
Next stop was the Sulphur Museum where learned a bit about the towns history, like why it was named 'Sulphur'. Turns out the town was founded around the sulphur mines that we present here.

They had a great model railroad and a model of the town of Sulphur. The yellow is the sulphur depot.

They figured out a way to liquefy the sulphur and pump it to the surface. It would then cool and solidify.

We just had to stop in here. A drive-thru liquor store!

Yep, you drive through the store.

Just stop and let the girls know what you want, they bring it to you, pay them, and head out the other side.

Another drive-thru! You pull up to the window, tell them what you want and they hand you a big bag of fresh, hot crawfish.

We just had to try Crawfish boil.

We ate and ate. The crawfish were very sweet. You just twist the tail off and pull the meat out of the tail. Sort of like lobster but I liked these better. The corn and potatoes were very good too.
We enjoyed some great meals in Louisiana. We tried a number of Cajun dishes including frog legs (I'm not a fan), Gator tail (I'm a fan!), oysters, and of course shrimp. I also discovered Boudin sausage. It's made with rice and ground pork, sometimes chicken liver, and onions and spices. You can get them rolled in balls or traditional sausage casing. Each manufacturer makes them slightly different, and of course theirs is the best! I liked them all.

Some good local beer.

Cheesy crawfish stuffed bun on left. Very tasty. Boudin balls on the right.

Pork sausage and rice with green onion and spices. These were the best I tried.

After all the driving lately the truck had earned an oil change. The transmission and transfer case oil was also due so I had all that done Saturday morning. We have driven over 18,000 miles (about 25,000 kms) since leaving Red Deer at the end of July! Sunday we head out of Louisiana and into Texas!

.....and that was Our View From Here!


  1. Oh how I miss those views. Love the colourful houses, so vibrant and eye catching. I always enjoy seeing the waterways but I don't care much for the long winding causeways they have, I'm always happy to get down on the other side. Haha.
    Keep on having fun. Safe travels.

  2. Some beautiful views and the cajun food we love, A crawfish boil is so very tasty, the tastiest part is to suck the juice from the head (believe it or not). And of course all the other tasty foods and spices. Texas is fun as well San Antonio river walk, Austin Texas for their famous Texas BBQ. Travel safe.

  3. Drooling over your crawfish boil. You certainly have put on a lot of miles. What wonderful things you have seen.

  4. Great pictures Dave! Beautiful views and those bridges :0 wow! The crawfish boil looks good even though I would only like the corn and potatoes! Yum. You two are certainly having the trip! 18000 miles! WOW!

  5. You are picking some of the coolest places on an impressive journey. Over 20,000 kms and still counting because you are far from home. Bridges are amazing and so are the pics. My guess on the trailer on stilts... a mobile office, we have exactly the same shacks without the stilts up north. That's my guess anyway.

  6. Looks like you really embraced the culture of the south! The bridges there are crazy and I don't know if I will ever get used to seeing a drive thru convenience store!