Monday, March 12, 2018

Around and around Bullhead City

March 8 (Thursday)
We hadn't planned on doing a lot today, just visit the local museum but as is often the case lower expectations lead to greater outcomes.

The museum is in an old church just a half mile north of the Laughlin bridge. Admission is by suggested donation of $2 each. It is run by local volunteers and they know a LOT about the area. Given the size of the museum we figured maybe 45 minutes to see it all. Two hours later we finished. They had very interesting displays on the local history.

The area used to be called Hardyville after a man named Hardy ran the ferry across the river here.

Bullhead City derived it's name from the large rock in the Colorado River called the Bulls Head. It is now mostly submerged after the building of the Davis Dam.

Native artifacts. The stone grinding utensils are commonly found.

Early native history of the area.

Much of this area was the backdrop for Louis L'Amour novels. Each of the red dots on the map represent one of his book's geographic locations.

Modern history of gambling in Laughlin.

March 9 (Friday)
We started out heading north toward Davis Dam then diverting toward the Katherine Landing area. This is a National Rec Area and our National Park Pass got us in for free which otherwise would have been $20! For the $20 admission we were expecting bigger things. There is a large boat launch, a marina, and half a campground. The half that was open was quite nice although the sites are more appropriate for tents and small trailers. The other half of the campground, the visitor centre and many of the washrooms are closed for the season. I'm sure this is a busy place in the summer.

We took a side trip toward a day use area. Great spot for fishing apparently. Across the water was the Telephone Cove campground. A good boondocking spot on the beach.

The old town of Katherine. Folks do live here. Peaceful, no doubt.

Lake Mohave. Marina, boat launch and camping.

Telegraph Cove camping across the lake.

Somehow we ended up back at the Pioneer Casino in time for their happy hour specials. This was the same place we went to last Friday. Hmmmmm, I sense a trend. Anyway, long story short......I ended up winning a $50 credit on my players card which pretty much offset the actual cash we lost in the slots. :-(

View downstream from in front of the casinos.

Water taxi

Very nice riverwalk by the casinos.

Popular fishing river. Just stop the motor and drift downstream, then restart the motor and cruise back up.

We went to Bubba Gump's restaurant next door in the Golden Nugget. It was pretty good but certainly not a repeat visit coming any time soon. On the way home we had a great view of the lights from the Bullhead City side of the Colorado River.

March 10 (Saturday)
There is a Farmers Market held monthly at the Visitors Center / Chamber of Commerce lot. We took a spin over to see what the locals had to offer. A very busy place. Lots of vendors selling everything from fresh veggies to crafts of all sorts. We didn't buy much and were home by noon. We didn't take a camera and forgot the cellphone in the truck so no pictures.

March 11 (Sunday)
Today we stayed home. A few phone calls home, we got some chores done around the trailer and then barbecued a nice chicken.

Following George's recipe we rinsed it out and dried him off. Then I rubbed him down with some Pam and sprinkled some spice on him. We started out with a hot grill, then turned him down to a low medium. After a couple of hours the six pound chicken was done! Super tender and juicy. Not bad for 77 cents/pound!

Had a chance to try my new windscreen hold-down brackets.

They worked great.

All done. So nice and juicy. We went back and bought another one for later this week.

....and a nice sunset to finish the day.

.......and that was Our View From Here!


  1. Such a great area to see more sights. Loved that small museum so interesting about the local history.
    See you got your windscreen all up and running looks good, and nothing quite like chicken done on your Weber Q

  2. Glad you are enjoying Bullhead City, lots to see and do if you want. Chicken looks good, nice job!

  3. Nothing like a chicken on the Weber. We do ours that way as well.

    Looks like you've pretty much been there, done that for that area. You certainly are busy folks!!

    Thanks for taking us along on the museum tour!

    Enjoy your stay.

  4. My Dad was a big Louis L'Amour fan and read all of his books many times, I used to take pictures of areas that I thought fit his books and show them to Dad ... nice to know I was in the right area :-)

  5. Hardyville is quite the interesting place. I am a fan of Louis L'Amour and cannot help but wonder what it would have been like to live in the area during that era.

  6. Great time you have had there! Certainly keeping busy that's for sure! Chicken looks like it turned out awesome! Can't beat George's recipes!

  7. We'll definitely plan to visit that area.
    Lorne and Sue Green (A Place Called Away) are at Telegraph Cove.
    Great pictures as usual.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  8. We certainly enjoy this area much more than Vegas. Great photos!