Saturday, November 30, 2019

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Tuesday, November 26
This was another beautiful day in the desert. We knew time was running out as the weather was looking to turn wet and cold. So we headed out to the west of Tucson to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. We knew it would be a long day so what better way to start out than a nice breakfast at Teresa's Mosaic Cafe.

This little guy was warming himself in the sun on the side of my tire.

Teresa's Mosaic Cafe

Nicely decorated

Mosaic tables

A popular restaurant

We drove out on the Gates Pass road, a twisty and hilly narrow road. We stopped at the overlook and viewed the Avra Valley. In the distance we could see Old Tucson, a movie set. It is only open on the weekends but regardless we didn't really want to pay admission to look at some made-for the- movies old buildings.

The view from Gates Pass

Mount Kidd in the distance. 

Old Tucson movie studios

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum was very worthwhile. Although it is called a museum it really is a combination of artifacts from the desert and displays of animals, plants, minerals and the star of the place is the raptor free flight. They have some birds of prey that live here and put on a show for the visitors.

No desert museum would be complete without some live rattlesnakes. This is an Arizona Black Rattlesnake.

Sidewinder Rattlesnake

Diamond Back Rattlesnake. The most common in these parts.

Black Widow Spider

Bark Scorpions under the black light.

Very nice mineral display.

Mountain Lion

Lots of cacti


Folks getting ready for the raptor show.

Gray Hawk

Barn Owl

They had four Harris Hawks. This is Jerry. He's the youngest of the four.

More animals in the zoo area. These are Bighorn Sheep.

Joshua Tree

The had a Hummingbird Aviary. These guys are so hard to get pictures of. Here are the best pics I could get.

Crested Saguaro

It was getting late in the afternoon when we headed a couple of miles over to the western portion of the Saguaro National Park. We drove through the east portion on Monday after our trip down from Mt Lemmon.

We took the Picture Rocks road back to Tucson and made it home just as night fell.

Wednesday I head over to the Pima Air Museum.
.......and that was Our View From Here!


  1. Great tour thanks. We did the road tour but did not get to the museum and zoo as we were dry camping and it was too hot to leave Freya for hours in the coach. We plan on going there another time.

  2. Enjoy the Pima Air Museum, it is well worth the price of admission, I hope to go again next week. Unfortunately, the bone yard needs prior approval now. The last time we went, we bought our tickets at the museum, hopped right on the bus for the tour.

  3. That looked like a good tour. Enjoy the Pima Air Museum.

  4. Someplace we'll definitely be adding to our tour list the next time we are in the neighbourhood. Great Pictures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. An interesting place for sure. I always hurry through the snake displays, but I did enjoy the cacti photos. I would enjoy the Air Museum and I look forward to your next post.

  6. What a beautiful tour! Like Deb, the snakes, scorpions but especially the spiders would be a blink for me.
    Love the cacti.
    We enjoyed the Pima Museum, you will too. Bill and Bob may go this week.

  7. That's a great place for sure, but I'd bypass the snakes for sure uhhh...Gates Pass is beautiful!

  8. I agree with the above comments...go quickly by the snakes. Let Tom take the pictures for the
    Beautiful mountain views both in this post and the previous one. Teresa's Mosaic Cafe looks like it would be worth a stop.

  9. So many cool things to see there, my favorites were the hummingbird house and the big horn sheep.

  10. We were pleasantly surprised with this museum surpassing our expectations...well worth seeing! Safe travels!