Monday, February 10, 2020

Quartzsite - week 2

Sunday, February 2 - Sunday, February 9
Sunday was Superbowl. Even though my Packers weren't in the game it was still fun to watch. We joined Dave and Leslie over at Ray and Deb's place. Too windy and sunny to see the outside TV so it was an inside game for us.

From left: Ray, Dave, Deb, Cheryl, Leslie. I was blocking the view of the second TV so they quickly smiled and I got out of there and back to my chair!

Sunday was also Groundhog Day. Thank goodness they don't gauge the length of winter here by whether the groundhog sees his shadow. It's almost always sunny in the desert. Spring would never come!

Monday was a very windy and a much cooler day. Dust blowing and partially obscuring the mountains. We popped into the town of Quartzsite for a bit of shopping. We stopped and looked at rocks......lots of rocks. Some were just too pretty to leave behind so we bought a few. I also filled a water bladder from the pumps and pumped it into the trailer.

Our almost new pizza stone. I guess you shouldn't place it directly over the burner.

Windy day. The mountains are nearly obscured with blowing dust.

Tuesday was windy as well and just as cold as Monday. It was chore day to start. I took two waste water loads to the dump station.

We decided to take a drive down Hwy 95 to Belvin Road and went about four miles into the Kofa Wilderness to Crystal Hill. This is a very interesting area. The 'hill' is covered with crystal quartz. Sometimes you can find some very large and clear ones. Me? Well I did climb to the top of the hill! I did find some very small crystals as well. The wind was very strong and cold so although it was sunny the day just wasn't comfortable so after finding a few tin cans and aluminum pull tabs with the metal detector we decided to head home. Sure is a pretty area though.

The road to Crystal Hill

Very pretty landscape out here.

Someone's mine on the side of Crystal Hill. You're not supposed to use digging tools out here.

View from the top. Lots of trails to explore.

I'm up there somewhere.

Yep, there I am!

Wednesday's weather was a slight bit better than the previous two. Still not very warm though. We went into town for a few grocery items, propane, diesel fuel and drinking water, then back to the desert. I got another water bladder pumped into the trailer. Some cleaning up around the trailer then getting ready for supper guests, Ray and Deb.

Deb and Ray

Us, watching the sunset.

One of Ray's hobbies is crafting walking sticks. Cheryl was the fortunate recipient of his latest creation complete with embedded stonework. Thanks so much Ray!!

Laden with jewels!

Cheryl test-driving the new stick. We actually walked all around North America......sort of.

This rock display is a very close representation of the US and most of Canada.

It has survived many years. Built in 2000 and added to in 2008. Amazing the respect people have for someones hard work.

Thursday we headed across to Blythe California and went a few miles north on Hwy 95 to the Intaglios. It was a very nice day for exploring and rockhounding and then viewing the desert art. We met some folks from Alberta and had a nice chat about how we don't miss the weather back home.

The road out to the Intaglios

A bit hard to read. Intaglios, or geoglyphs, are believed to have been built by ancient people. The exact dates these were built and their purpose is unknown.

Some large hills in the area. I was hoping to see some of the desert art from the top, but nope. Just the Colorado River in the distance.

Some pretty flowers in bloom. Tiny though. Less than the size of a penny.

The human figure Intaglio. From the head end.

From the feet looking toward the head.

Second human figure.

From the bottom.

The top of the animal figure. These would have been easier to photograph from the top of a motorhome.

While we were there we saw this above our heads. The refueling tanker filling up a couple of fighter jets.

We stopped for a few groceries in Blythe and headed back over the Colorado River and a few hills to the Arizona side. Then over to Ray and Deb's for Happy Hour. They are leaving tomorrow for California.

Ray, Dave, Leslie, Steve, Deb, Dianne, Cheryl.

Friday was the Gold Show. So what do you see at the Gold Show??, for starters. Some real nice nuggets. There are a number of vendors selling all sorts of gold 'mining' equipment like metal detectors, panning equipment, pumps and washers, dredges as well as jewelry of all sorts. They also had some guest speakers that were very interesting. They discussed government policy on mining, some local mining activity, gems and gold bearing areas and answered lots of questions. Next time we come to Quartzsite I'm going to join one of the local clubs that have gold claims you can work. That would be fun. You can even keep the gold you find! My only disappointment was that I found out the Tesoro Company, the brand of metal detector I bought two years ago is now out of business. So much for my lifetime warranty on the detector.

Gold for sale!

Some pricey nuggets

Displays inside and out. This gentleman was demonstrating how to separate gold flakes from a load of gravel. Very interesting......and a lot of work.

Then it was time to head over to Steve and Dianne's for Happy Hour with Dave and Leslie and a few of the crew over near them. (No picture tonight)

We had an interesting experience on Saturday. Cheryl and I drove down to Yuma to get 'scanned'. There are several companies that offer ultrasound scanning for a reasonable cost. They scan multiple organs for abnormalities. The good news is that we both had reports that showed nothing abnormal. Was it worth the $100 each to have it done? Well, I suppose if they did find something abnormal we would think it was a bargain but seeing as they didn't then maybe we should have saved the $100 and bought more beer! Anyway, thankfully they didn't scan between my ears so based on the testing they did do.....I'm normal! WooHoo!

We got back to Quartzsite in time to visit with the neighbors, then it was time to head over across the street for pizza with our Cedar Creek pals (Creekers as we are affectionately known). George, Ann-Marie, Virgil and Delores whipped up a very nice meal. George cooked the homemade pizza on the barbecue. Both Cheryl and George have birthdays next week so we celebrated early. We had a great evening and look forward to meeting up with these fine folks next summer on their way back from Alaska, or in Quartzsite next winter. We even saw the International Space Station go overhead. There's an app for that!!

We didn't have candles so we improvised with carrots! We couldn't get them to stay lit though!

George working at removing a cork from a champagne bottle. No one was hurt during this operation.

From left: Cheryl, Ann-Marie, George, Virgil, Delores.

Sunday was moving day. We reluctantly pulled up stakes and left Quartzsite for this year. We headed on down Hwy 95 to Yuma Lakes RV Resort near Yuma. We stayed here a few nights in mid-December and enjoyed it so we booked in for two weeks.

Leaving Quartzsite LaPosa South camping area.

The big guns at the entrance to the US Army Yuma Proving Grounds about twenty miles north of Yuma.

Colorful fields of lettuce. A nice change from the desert.

We did have a few spectacular sunsets this week. Here are a couple:

The hills at sunrise.

Sunrise over the hills.
Sunset at Yuma Lakes

......and that was Our View From Here!


  1. Had a great time with you guys. Have fun in Yuma and hope to see you this summer.

  2. Great pictures that brought back many memories. Glad you've been Enjoying the "Q".
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

  3. Really good that we got to spend some time together and we'll do our best to see you this summer in Alberta. You find some really cool stuff, Intaglios?? didn't even know. Awesome shot of the jets re-fueling in air. Travel safe!

  4. Loved the picture of the refuelling jets. Quartzite must be getting back to being a ghost town by now is it? I love the agriculture in Yuma and especially the spray planes at night. That is scary to watch. Enjoy your time there.

  5. I agree about the refueling photos. Wonderful shots.
    Glad you managed to find some time to spend with your friends. George (fella opening the wine?) looked like he knew what he was doing, which is always a good thing when one is under pressure. Haha
    Keep on having fun folks.

  6. I'm glad you enjoyed the Q, as we did. It is just a 'must'. Those jets are cool!
    I lost my ISS app when we switched phones so had to go on the hunt. Thanks for the reminder. I do it for down here and Bill has it on his phone for at home. We missed it last night but the next longer one is Feb. 20. :)
    Enjoy Yuma Lakes, it is a very nice park. We have friends in there now already so hope to get together one day.

  7. Great catch up Dave..we wondered what happened to you two! Just having too much fun I'm guessing! Great pictures and so much fun! Great pictures of the refueling! Great food, fun and friends..what more could you want!? Now at a full hook up Enjoy you two!! Hugs...

  8. Certainly sounds like you two had a wonderful time parked out at LaPosa South. Weren't those Intaglios something to see? We found them last year. Great picture of the refueling. Tom was glad to find out you root for the right football team...:)

  9. Wow, what an awesome gift, love the walking stick! Great picture of the refueling, that is a rare sight.

  10. That walking stick is beautiful!
    The gold show looked interesting.... and expensive. Our grandson would have loved to see it....we will stick to fools gold for him :)
    It was nice to see you both yesterday... enjoy Yuma Lakes.

  11. That's weird that your pizza stone cracked, I have had mine in our oven for seven years and never had a problem. Wow Cheryl that is a beautiful walking stick, you are so lucky, that is one talented gentleman!