Thursday, June 20, 2019

Building our summer RV lot

Wow, it's been a long time since our last post! My only excuse is that we've been say the least.

It finally dried up enough in early May for us to start working on our RV lot. We hauled in about 30 yards of gravel. We used recycled crushed concrete as a base layer and it has worked out very well. After some rain it has compacted quite well. We also wanted a topping layer of washed 3/4 inch stone to keep tracking the dust inside. Overall we are pleased with the finished result. We didn't put in any grass. My neighbour did his whole yard in grass so I'll just sit back, have a beer and watch him cut his lawn if I ever get a longing for yard maintenance!

Here is our yard build so far.......
We parked in the adjacent lot until our site was landscaped.

Our lot awaiting drier weather so we can haul some gravel.

All the sod in the foreground had to be removed. We wanted a low-maintenance yard.

Well this didn't help! This was May 4. Didn't last long though.

Everything staked and the shoveling has begun!

I had a skidsteer come and remove the sod. Saved the back.

Gravel on site, but first....let's plant the shrubs!

I dug in some weeping tile to help drain the lot after heavy rains. It is buried under the stones and exits into the ditch (bottom of the picture).

Shrubs planted, stoned added inside the edging bricks, crushed concrete base has been spread. The new shed is arriving!

Is that little Bobcat big enough to lift that shed?


Yep, safely down on the ground. Now to support the end and pull the trailer out.

Now to lift the shed, remove the supports, and gently lower it to the ground.

Lift and slide it into position.


Just in time for more gravel to be delivered. 

The Bobcat spread the gravel. All set to move our trailer over to this site.

We're home!

This is a good start. This was the first week of June.

Now to work on the shed. Wired, insulated......

.....and lined with OSB. Just needed paint and finishing.
 Next up is a deck and fire pit. Oh, my aching wallet!

Ominous clouds

Pretty sunset.

.....and that was Our View From Here!


  1. Congratulations on your new home base! It's beautiful and I'm sure only getting better day by day! Great pics of you and your smile! :) Love the little shed! Can't wait to see deck and fire pit. Will be nice for cool evenings! I'm thinking a great place for Cheryl to have a glass (or two) of wine! Hugs to your lovely wife from me!

  2. Bit by Bit things are taking the shape you want. Stretching it over a few seasons will be easier on the wallet.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the aches of your labour.

    It's about time.

  3. Things are looking great, guys! I like the idea of not having grass on a small lot too. Our home in London when we moved in had no grass in the postage stamp sized back yard, just wood chips and hostas, bushes etc. We loved it. Put some grass in when Clemson came along. :) and bought an old push reel mower.

  4. Wow you have been busy. Your lot looks great. Nice to hear you guys are still doing well.

  5. You have sure done a lot of work but it really looks great!

  6. Great work on the lot! I like the low maintenance approach as well. I think it looks great. Got itchy just looking at the pink insulation! It will be so nice with the deck and firepit when you're done. Your wallet will recover when all you have to do is watch the neighbour mow grass :)

  7. Looking great! It will be nice for you to have someplace to use as a home base and have someplace to store some stuff you don't want to drag around with you all the time.