Friday, January 11, 2019

Pensacola and Gulf beaches

Sunday, January 6
We thought Sunday would be a good day to head into Pensacola to see some of the historic district. We hoped the traffic would be lighter than a weekday. That was true for the residential areas but the downtown and of course the beaches were very popular on this Sunday afternoon.

First we headed into the historic residential area. It is noted for all the variety of styles and the high level of maintenance that make this area a must-see in Pensacola. Below are some of the nicest we saw in the area.

A pretty town square

We headed toward the historic downtown and then on toward the bay.

Nope, didn't stop.

Not a bad backyard!

Good name for a restaurant!

This guy acting shy. The girls loved him!

Hmmmm, which one would I choose?

Yep! This is the one!
Next we headed across the bay toward Pensacola Beach.

They are building a new bridge beside the existing one.

Huge cranes lift pre-cast concrete sections into place. A quick way to build.

Beautiful wide beach. Not many folks out today. Only us northerners!

Very white and sugary sand.

We had hoped to go to further but the road was closed.

I did pay $1.25 for a walk down the pier. Nobody seemed to be checking anyway.

Good views from the pier though.

We drove further east along the beautiful sand dunes.

The sand drifts easily.

Some folks have unique ideas on how to survive a hurricane!

Monday, January 7
Today was another beach day. We heard about the beautiful beaches at Gulf Shores and Orange Beach just south of Foley.

Intercoastal waterway

At the end of the road was Fort Morgan. The fort was used in the Civil War in the battle of Mobile Bay. 

Ocean freighter just heading into Mobile Bay past Fort Morgan.

Lots of gas wells just off shore in the Bay. This one has a service boat alongside.

More wells a bit further out.

Nice beach house (with gas well in the background).

We stopped for lunch here. DeSoto's Seafood Kitchen. It was very good.

Downtown Gulf Shores

Another huge pier, and another admission charge. I didn't bother going.

Another huge beach.

Nothing shy about this guy.

He loved posing!

All the birds here loved to be in the picture.

There was a pod of dolphins playing/fishing just offshore. We counted at least six.

No, this guy didn't build the sand castle. (Neither did I).

This is cool. A lending box of sand toys.

The Gulf shores have great beaches. Wide, clean, soft white sand. It must be very popular in the summer time. I understand lots of folks from the big cities north of here all come down to the beach on hot weekends.

.....and that was Our View From Here!


  1. Beautiful beaches. Love the white sand. Almost looks like snow. Glad you are enjoying your time there.

  2. Love the historic and colourful homes. Beautiful beaches. You guys are sure getting around. :)

  3. What?!?! How could you not stop by the World of Beer? We are headed up that way in a few weeks and will have to see if they will let us in. You definitely picked the right boat although that first catamaran looks interesting as well!

  4. We do love the beaches there and have spent a few weeks checking them out over the years. So much more to see.