Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Myrtle Beach area.....naturally

Saturday, November 3
Myrtle Beach is a tourist haven. Over 1,000 restaurants, golf courses of PGA caliber, even mini-golf, live theatre, musical name it likely Myrtle Beach has it. There is also a quieter side that is more our speed. There are a number of natural areas and outdoor activities you can participate in.

We are staying at Briarcliffe RV Resort. This is a Good Sam and Coast to Coast resort. Pretty nice place with concrete pads and very well maintained. Just a short walk away is Barefoot Landing. It's a commercial development with lots of shops and restaurants. It has it's own freshwater pond and also borders on the Inland Waterway. It's a great walk with lots of photo opportunities and I'v been over there four times during our stay.

The water tower beside the RV Park. Bristling with cell antennas. 

Lots of cool carts in the park. Yellow....

.......and yellow!

Park was pretty full.

Our site.

Carousel at Barefoot Landing.
The Alabama Theater at Barefoot Landing. Live entertainment every night. They have their Christmas Show on now. A bit early for me.

Next to Barefoot Landing is the Intercoastal Waterway. This section is called Little River. When larger boats need to pass this bridge swings. The traffic stops, the bridge swings, the boat passes the bridge returns to allow vehicles to pass.

Sail boat passing

Bridge closing after boat has passed.

Today we decided to head south of Myrtle Beach to a quiet(er) area called Murrell's Inlet. Although surrounded by restaurants the main feature for us was the boardwalk. Admittedly.....we did stop for lunch at the Dead Dog Saloon. They had great shrimp and crabcakes.


Caught one!

Lots of  boat varieties at Murrell's Landing.

So beer and wine is OK, but no hard stuff. Hmmm.

Lots of fisherman on the water. Its low tide.

Another fisherman.

Even some fish!

Some of the restaurants around the walkway. A popular spot.

Do the math. 825 horsepower! This guy means business.

A close second at 750 horsepower.

Cool ride!

This was Goat's Island. One of the restaurants placed some goats on this small island and they now look after them. A good tourist draw.

Lots of channels. Note the built up area on the horizon. We aren't far from the city.

It was still early in the day so we drove a bit further south to the Huntington Beach State Park. A couple of great beaches and a wildlife viewing area.

Pretty purple grassy ferns. Oh, and don't feed the gators!

Boardwalk through the dunes to the beach.

Nice quiet beach, soft white sand.

Cute little guy.

Pretty drive through the park.

Pretty butterflies

Sea Oats (grass) in the dunes.

Egrets in the marsh.

More channels. The tide was coming in.

See the kayaker? Again, not far from the city!

See all the white birds? These were Egrets. Dozens of them.

Sunday, November 4
If you are this close to one of the best beaches in the world you really should take some time to enjoy it, so we headed to the beach and ......did nothing! We found a public beach just a few blocks from the campground. We took our beach chairs and sat in the sun with our toes in the sand. We took a few walks up and down the beach and got our feet wet in the surf. But other than that....we did nothing. Didn't even bring the camera!

......and that was Our View From Here!


  1. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. Haven't been to Myrtle Beach for many years but always enjoyed it.


  2. It has been a few years but we have stayed at that campground a few times , and Murrells inlet , enjoyed the Dead Dog Saloon, nice too see that it is still there. Keep enjoying your time there.

  3. Great pics once again Dave! Looks like you two are having a wonderful time on your way south!

  4. What a great way to spend the afternoon, toes in the sand in the sun. Great tour of Myrtle Beach.

  5. Great pics Dave! We loved Murtle Beach. Saw our very first Atlantic sunrise that was awesome with the shore fishers. Enjoy and safe travels!

  6. I so miss the white sand beaches, your Sunday sounded like an awesome way to spend the day :-)