Monday, April 16, 2018

So this is Spring?? and a reminder of warmer times.

April 12 - 16
So here we are in Red Deer in mid-April. The weather has been 'early spring' in that it's very variable. We get a day of nice weather followed by cold and snow.....again.

Thursday morning, April 12. What are we doing here??

Monday afternoon, April 16. Back to snow again today. It was nearly all gone yesterday.

Picnic table and lawn chairs patiently awaiting a happy hour.

We are getting a few things done. Laundry is caught up and the Canada Revenue Agency is happy that our tax returns have been submitted. We've made a few trips to the Kid's houses dropping off gifts that we have been packing along from our journeys.

I was going over some of our pictures that we took over the past winter. In fact we took over 17,000 pictures in the past six months! Some of them made it into the blog of course but I'm pretty sure no one would bother to view it if I posted even a tenth of them. I did have a small project in mind and given the state of the weather and really nothing of interest to report I thought I would share my Cactus Project!

It was December 1, 2017 in Walnut Canyon an hour or so north of Phoenix that we spotted our first Saguaro cactus.

Our first view of the mighty Saguaro. December 1, 2017.

Since our first encounter we have photographed dozens of these stately beauties. They seem to have their own personality and below is how I interpreted what they were saying to me. If you believe they 'say' something different to you please comment. I'll include a number with each picture and my caption. Let me know which is your favorite shot.

#1. Everyone makes fun of my big nose.

#2. I lost these in a table saw accident.

#3. I'll cover my eyes, you go hide.

#4. All right men.....Attention!

#5. The conversation was animated. Everyone talking at once.

#6. How many fingers am I holding up?

#7. Hi, I'm Bob.

#8. I've had just a bit too much tequila today.

#9. Mom trying to feed the kids a Palo Verde tree for lunch..

#10. I can't get anything done with you kids hanging on my apron.

#11. Take me to your leader.

#12. Oh, my aching back.

#13. Father/daughter dance.

#14. OK, huddle up. Spike, you go long and I'll throw it to you.

#15. Just wave at the tourists son. They'll go away once they take our picture.

#16. Peace, man.

#17. Like my new hair do? .......or 'Touchdown!'

#18. Three amigos.

#19. Someday son this will all be yours.

#20. Besties.

#21. Mom, Dad, I feel a little out of kilter this morning.

Hope you enjoyed these. To help me warm up a bit on a cold April night, here is a sunset picture over the Sea of Cortez from Puerto Penasco, Mexico taken New Years Eve, 2017. Ah!

....and that was Our View From Here!


  1. Hahaha...I loved it, thanks so much for sharing. You certainly brightened my day Dave. Hope it gets warmer for you real soon.

  2. Those saguaro do seem to have a personality of their own! My favorite it #11, the caption really holds true.

  3. I love this post Dave! Love the saguaros and the captions are too cute! How do you pick one, but my faves are #13 and 19 and then all the rest! I love your New Years pic Beautiful!! Looks cold at the RV Park!

  4. That was fun! Thanks Dave for the chuckles!
    7 10 and 13 were my favourite, but most of all, I love your imagination. :) Couldn't think of any better captions.
    Stay warm, we are sick of this weather here. LOL

  5. Love your interpretation Dave! They’re like a fingerprint, no two are the same it seems.

  6. Thanks for a great laugh! I love the captions on all of them but 13 and 15 were really great ... I think 17 is saying "Please God let the tourists leave" :-)

  7. What a fun project they were all wonderful. I think if I had to choose it would be a toss up between 7, which made me giggle, and 13, which made me say awe.
    Stay warm and hope the snow is gone by now or soon.