Saturday, April 7, 2018

Travel to Fillmore, and a visit to Delta

April 5 (Thursday)
We headed out of Vegas around 0930. We weren't in a big rush. We wanted to miss the rush hour and we only had about a 4 1/2 hour drive to Fillmore, Utah which is about two hours south of Salt Lake City on the I15.

Apparently we missed rush hour, but this is a busy city and always lots of traffic. Dragging the trailer through roads we've never been on add a bit more stress.

'Buddy' sites in Vegas. You park awning to awning.

Just a bit too neighborly for us.

Boulder highway heading northwest toward the 515 loop.

Traffic still pretty busy. Heading west on the 515 toward the I15.

Freemont Street from the 515.

Las Vegas Speedway

Always something going on here. Lots of trucks and race cars getting ready.

The weather was beautiful. About 80 F when we left, light winds, slightly cloudy skies. The scenery was wonderful.

Heading Northeast on the I15.

Colourful rocks.

The I15 crosses a small portion of Arizona before entering Utah.

Even this small sliver of Arizona is so scenic.

Entering the Virgin River Gorge

There is a small BLM campground at the bottom of the gorge. Close to the Interstate though.

Traffic builds through the gorge.

Near St George, Utah

The temperature was gradually dropping the further into Utah we got. By the time we reached Fillmore it has 64 F. You could see the snow level in the mountains and it was not much higher than we were.

Utah has beautiful scenery

Hay bales on fire. The Fire Department was working at putting it out.

Is that snow!!!!

Our site in Fillmore. A nice quiet location.

Spring is ....springing!

Trees are blossoming.

Our home for three days.

Snow in the hills just behind us.

We are staying at the Wagons West RV Park in Fillmore until Sunday. It's a small park with very nice level sites. Full services are $20/night with Passport America. We get that rate for two night and the third night we get the site for $32 with our Good Sam. Not a bad deal.

April 6 (Friday)
There is so much to see in this area. We seem to be saying this about everywhere we have visited this year. Maybe it's because we aren't just rushing from place to place and thinking about getting back to work! Amazing what you can find if you take the time to 'look'! Anyway, this area is steeped in history and is a rockhounds dream. Lots of volcanic cinder cones dot the flat desert area between mountainous outcrops.

Today we headed about 40 miles northwest of Fillmore to the town of Delta. The town has huge wide streets, attractive buildings and two great museums. The Great Basin Museum chronicles the town and area history.

Lots of old farm buildings along the back roads.

Dormant volcano cinder cone. This one is called Pahvant Butte.

The Millard County area has lots geological wonders. There are Trilobite fossil beds, Obsidian beds (black volcanic glass), topaz, agates, and Sunstone (Labrodite) beds. Many are on BLM land and open to the public. Some of these sites are located a couple of hours away on back roads so we didn't have the time to go digging, but we just have to get back to this area and spend more time.

Wonderful museums side by side. Admission by donation.

Some of the fluorescent stones from the area. With light on....... 

Same stones with normal daylight.

Large collection of arrowheads made of Obsidian. These were found nearby. Lots of Obsidian in this area.

Trilobite fossil beds near here. They are on BLM land so the public is allowed to dig for their own.

Old ranching equipment

This was called a Roosevelt outhouse. Built as work projects during the depression era.

Vehicles have come a LONG way!

The sign to the left says "Do you know why old cash registers have the marble on their tops?" See below.

Every museum has old sewing machines and beautiful old furniture.

Nicely restored carriage.

The second museum commemorates the Topaz Internment Camp that housed over 11,000 people of Japanese decent during 1942 - 45. Lots of information on the people and the camp and the life they spent behind the barbed wire. There were videos of the camp, the detainees, and also a mockup of one of the rooms they were housed in for the time they were there. Very interesting place.

Lake Bonneville was huge at one time.

Samples of the intricate work the Japanese artists made with shells they collected.

The old video camera in lower left. It was used to record life inside the wire.

The Japanese lost most of their possessions when they were interred.

A model of the camp. It was one mile square and held over 11,000 people. Each of the black vertical buildings had six rooms and one family per room. The black horizontal buildings were the dining area and latrine area.

A mockup of the inside of a room in the camp. One family per room.

A stove for heat. Most other furniture was built by the inmates with whatever scrap lumber they could find.

The outside was tar paper. No insulation. Dust storms would blow right through the cracks.

The remains of the Topaz Camp is about 15 miles Northwest of Delta. We drove out to view the site. Not much remains. All the building have been removed. Most destroyed. Just a lot of rusted nails, wire and remnants of stoves remain, along with some of the concrete slabs that supported some of the buildings. It was a worthwhile drive out to see the Camp. It really brought to life what we had seen in the museum.

The road to the isolated camp.

Not too much left to see here, but you can feel the history.

Only jackrabbits and gophers inhabit the area now.

This is an American Kestrel. The smallest of the hawk family. I haven't seen of  these for years. They used to be quite common in Canada, but no more.....for whatever reason.

The Delta water tower.

Downtown Delta. Nice spot.

We headed back to Fillmore in time for supper. The rain started about 7PM and will rain tonight then clear briefly Saturday.
........and that was Our View From Here!


  1. Wow, a lot of history as you said. I'm impressed with the amount of sight seeing you do while you travel. What will you see next year if you see it all this year? ;)

    Enjoy your time there.

  2. We probably try to do too much, but who knows when we'll get back this way. It's a big continent so I don't think we'll run out of places to see anytime soon!

  3. Always enjoying different places and always lots to see everywhere you go, just keep enjoying your travels. We have seen so much in our 12 years on the road, we enjoy taking it easy.

    1. We are certainly enjoying the travels to new places. Time for a Grandkid fix now.

  4. The Virgin River area is one of the prettiest drives you can find. We never get tired of traveling through that area. We have stayed at that Rec. Area several times. A great place for a stay over on your way through.

    1. The rec area seemed popular. Lots of rigs parked there. Good to know that longer trailers fit.
      Sure was purty.

  5. We’ve also stayed at the Virgin River Recreation area several times. Even though it’s near the highway you don’t hear it. Has some great hiking too! Those are interesting museums. Safe travels!