Thursday, March 29, 2018

Return to Kingman

March 28 (Wednesday)
We made a return trip to Kingman today. There is just so much to see and we missed a lot of it on our last trip. No museums today though......well, maybe just one.

So scenic on the way to Kingman.

Multi-colored rocks.

Union Pass at 3571 feet

Our first stop was the Kingman Railway Museum. They had the usual history of rail travel in the area, and certainly interesting artifacts but the true star of this museum was the model train displays they had. Incredible. They had three layouts and three different scales, 'N', 'O', and 'HO'. The detail was very good. Obviously a lot of work and pride has gone into these displays.

Beauties! Even some wind-up ones.

What a great layout. Recognize this main street?

It's Kingman!!

Cute.....and likely worth a lot of money to a collector.

This is the largest gauge. 'O' gauge.

This is the smallest gauge. 'N' gauge.

This is the mid-size gauge, and the most popular. 'HO' gauge.

Can you imagine moving a train car this way? Just use the pry bar to inch it along.

The bar on the right is the pry bar used to move train cars.


What would a train station be without a spittoon!

Something for all ages!

It was about lunch time by the time we were done so on the recommendation of the staff at the museum we headed over to a BBQ joint a block away.

After lunch we took a walk around the downtown. The city has done a great job in preserving and re-purposing their historic buildings.

Elks Lodge building. Beautiful!

County Court with HUGE cedar trees in front.

St Mary's Church. The old church on the right, the new one on the left.

Superior Court building to the left of the older and larger County Court building.

County Court building.

War memorial in front of County Court building.

Old County Jail building. It had a reputation as an easy jail to break out of, so it was replaced.

Next was a trip out to the airport. They have a model aircraft field out near there and this being a nice warm and calm day we expected to see some flying. Unfortunately there seems to be an unresolved issue between the airport authority and the club. So no flying today!

Some other planes not flying today, or ever for that matter, are these old aircraft. The dry climate in Arizona makes it ideal for storing aircraft. Will they ever fly again? Not likely, but their parts may. Airplane parts are very valuable. There are at least two companies at the airport that specialize in salvaging re-usable parts from these stored aircraft to be placed in service again. Even complete engines are removed and sealed in containers for further testing, repair, and or re-use.

Old WW2 vintage hangar. 

East of Kingman is the Hualapai Mountain Park. A very nice drive into the mountains (elev 5000 to 8000 feet). The park is used for hiking, equestrian and OHV.

The name Hualapai means “People of the Tall Pines”, and comes from the name of the American Indian Tribe that lived in these mountains until they were relocated in the 1870s. Although the tribe was moved, their name forever evokes a sense of peace and appreciation of the nature found here.
The park trails were started in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps, and improvement work has continued ever since. You’ll find roads, trails, picnic areas, and camping areas, plus stone cabins and pavilions.

The road up......

......and up.

Nice rocks

Very dry up here. Lots of homes so it would be disastrous if a fire broke out. 

Lots of houses up here. What a view!

The way down.

Time to head home. An enjoyable day in a wonderful part of the State. Certainly worth the return visit.
........and that was Our View From Here!


  1. Another fun place the you checked out and enjoyed too time to head back home again.

  2. Safe travels! Things has really warmed up up here and it should be smooth driving.

    1. Not too warm yet in Alberta. :-(
      Will spend a couple more weeks in the US me thinks.

  3. Love the rocks along the highway. The train set looks real with the little cars.
    Enjoy the warmth, I'm envious at leaving it all behind. Still cold in Ontario too but not warm here in Ohio either!

    1. All those train models were very realistic. Even the street scenes were to scale (people, cars, buildings). Very cool.

  4. Love the post, very informative. You folks are sure keeping busy. Hope you're continuing to ALMOST enjoy that nice warm weather. ;)

    1. Thanks Deb. Yes, busy but enjoyable busy. We should really slow it down a bit.

  5. Love the detail they put into those model train displays. Had no idea there was so much in the Kingman area to see and do.

    1. We are finding the same with most of the places we visit. Just when we think we've seen it all we find more to do. That's a good problem to have!

  6. I had one of those Lionel trains as a kid. Now much older kids make a retirement hobby out of it.

    1. We're all just big kids at heart.....right Bruce?

  7. Dave you have certainly shown us that Kingman is definitely a place to stay a bit rather than just drive through. Glad you and Cheryl are enjoying the area. Glad you can enjoy the warmth for a bit longer!

    1. Kingman turned out to be a great spot. Great restaurants, lots of museums and historic downtown, nice folks too! Even the camprgrounds seem nice. We took a spin through Zuni, the one Deb and Tom stayed at.