Monday, January 29, 2018

Project work

January 29 (Monday)
I went to one last class of woodburning today. I got some excellent tips form the instructor on burning gourds and leather, both of which I will try at some point. I also got some tip on my project piece that I finished up today. So here is the first one. Mostly done as a learning piece as it has a lot of lines and various shades of burning. It'll be a few weeks before I get a chance to work on another project piece. Good thing I took notes!

We also did some shopping today. One stop was Del Sol, the Mexican food market. Certainly some unique food items there. We didn't buy any of the meat selections, but I was tempted on a few. I'm sure they're all good with enough ketchup!

Chicken necks and gizards

Beef tripe (stomach) and feet.

Beef lips and cheeks

Beef minguts (intestine) and tongue.

Pigs feet and tails

Pork skin and stomach

Cactus leaves

Now these looked appetizing. Bushels of fresh peppers.

I finished a project a couple of days ago that I have needed for quite a while. I built a windscreen for the Weber barbeque. George gave me the dimensions of his. I stopped at Home Depot and got some 12 x 24 aluminum at a good deal as the sheets were damaged a bit. I hinged them together and I'll eventually get a base added so the barbeque sits on the base to hold the sides of the windscreen from blowing away.

This was the warmest day we've experienced since we arrived in Yuma. 32C (about 90F) and only 5% humidity. The sun is quite intense so it's uncomfortable if you are in the sun, but surprisingly with the wind and sitting in the shade it is just warm.

The sunset today started out good but quickly faded.

Nearly a full moon.

…..and That Was Our View From Here!


  1. Excellent pictures. Very nice job on your first project. I have no craft ability at all, except to WALK INTO Michael's the craft store.
    Wow, those are some interesting selections in the meat department. Thanks for sharing.
    We had a pretty nice sunset tonight, nothing over the top but still pretty nice.
    Looks like you had an excellent day!!!

  2. Great job on your first wood burning project and I like your wind screen, another project that I yet have to do.

  3. I always enjoy checking out the Del Sol Markets some very interesting foods to be found there. The pigs tail are one of my favourites as you know done perfectly.
    Glad that you you got your windscreen made for your Weber Q sure works great on windy days. Looks like a great job.
    The wood burning is a fun hobby, I did lots of that some 50+ years ago too.

  4. Good for you on the wind screen, Bill has been talking about it since last winter.
    Interesting stuff at the Del Sol. What, no beef hearts??? They are the BEST!

  5. Tom is taking notes...the wind screen is a future project. (Hopefully, not to far into the
    Nice job with the wood burning project.

  6. Nice job on your first wood burning project!