Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Parts, lunch, home

November 11 (Saturday)

Not much sightseeing today. We took a trip out to Bellemont, about 15 minutes west of Flagstaff on the I40. Home of a Camping World location. We needed to replace a couple of lights. One over the bed had a faulty switch, and one in the bathroom only had three of six LED's that would light. So we bought some replacements fixtures as you really can't repair electronics in the LED fixtures. One of the downsides of LED lights.

In addition to the lights we renewed our Good Sam membership as they had an early renewal special. (Yep, they got me!) Most RV folks we've spoken to recommend getting a Passport America membership. This gives you half price camping, subject to conditions of course. I had done some research on this and it seemed that the blackout dates were exactly when we would have wanted to used the discount card. As luck ?? Would have it, the Passport America membership was also on sale today……so we got one. You really only have to use it three times and it pays for itself, so…..we'll see.

A few other things and $200 later, we were out of there!

We decided to treat ourselves to Mexican for lunch. Cheryl had read about Salsa Brava in her Diners, Drive-ins and Dives books. If you are unfamiliar…… Guy Fierri has a show on Food Network where he visits restaurants around the country and featuring some of their dishes. Anyway we went and yes, it was very good.

Back to the campground and chores balance of day. Changed the light fixtures, cleaned the trailer, sorted receipts, and caught up on computer stuff. Didn't need supper. Too full from lunch!

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  1. I think you'll find Passport America is well worth the minimal cost.
    Safe travels!