Monday, November 13, 2017

Cool bridge and a move down the road

November 9 (Thursday)

We had a look around the Trading Post at Cameron. There is an old bridge built in 1921 that was used to cross the Little Colorado River. Unfortunately it is closed to pedestrian traffic. It would have been fun to walk across it and get some pictures.

The Little Colorado is completely dry at this point.

There is an underpass under the highway. Not as much fun as dodging cars, but safer!

We looked around the gift shop at the crafts. Very impressive work. We watched a lady using a loom to make a Navajo rug. It was a very intricate pattern. Even though the rugs are expensive to buy, when you see the hours it must take to make one the artist likely makes 50 cents an hour!

After mailing postcards home we packed up and headed toward Flagstaff. Hwy 89 is a great road with lots of passing lanes which means no line-ups of vehicles behind slow moving RV's. It is a long pull up the hill toward Flagstaff. We passed the 7126 foot elevation just north of the City. We set up at Greer's Pine Shadows RV Park, and headed into town sans trailer.

Smoke from prescribed burns in the area.

Flagstaff is just under 7000 feet

It was so interesting following old Route 66 past the 50's and 60's era motels and diners. The stories they could tell! We parked by the Tourist Information building and spent some time collecting brochures and maps. The building is very nicely decorated. 

The main line train tracks go right through town and the gal at the Info place said they get between 80 and 100 trains per day, and no train whistles. They move through town quite quickly which is a good thing as traffic gets backed up pretty quick at the crossings.

We took a stroll through the downtown area and admired the historic old buildings……..

…..and stopped for a beer at The Lumberyard. It's a micro-brewery and they make some pretty good beer!

.....and that was Our View From Here!


  1. Good to know there is a micro-brewery that makes tastey beer in Flagstaff. We will keep it on the list for another time. How long are you staying at Camp Verde? The Colibabas and us are staying near Sedona until Monday morning when we will move back into Dead Horse Ranch SP for 2 days, Nov 20th and 21st. Maybe we could all get together for a brew?

    1. We head to Verde Thursday and are booked for two weeks. We might stay just one and try to get into Dead Horse or somewhere for the second week. Yep, getting together would be great. Let's set up a place and time!

  2. What Ray and Deb said. :-) We've always blasted by Flagstaff for the warmer weather but I understand there is lots to see and do there too. Safe travels!

    1. They tell me it is unseasonably warm here this year. Normal high is like 10, but with temps closer to 20 it has been ideal outdoor and hiking weather. A week is barely enough time to see everything here.