Friday, October 27, 2017

.......In the beginning

So after a long, successful and very fulfilling career with a hi-tech corporation it was time to part ways and begin the 'rest of my life'.

Up to this point our travel has been done in vacation mode....... pack up, travel as fast as you could to the destination, cram a few 'relaxing' days in and rush home in time for work Monday morning. a vacation? Hardly. And most of our trips were to family. Not that we didn't enjoy those trips, just to classify them as 'vacation' is not an accurate definition in my mind.

Anyway we now have the ability to travel for extended periods and given the fragility of life we want to get busy and try out a new lifestyle. We are blessed with three grandchildren that enjoy camping and hanging out with us so we want to take advantage of that before they get bored with us!

We purchased a new diesel truck and a gently used fifth wheel (Cedar Creek 34RLTS). Other than a couple of shake-down trips last summer, July of this year is the first time we spent much time in the trailer.

Details of our trips to date will follow. Hope you enjoy travelling with us!

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